SISCO Benefits of Document Imaging

Retrieval Speed
  • Files can be pulled up instantly from any machine on your network.


  • Files are always pulled correctly and more importantly, always re-filed correctly.


  • More than one person in your organization can view the same file.

Storage Costs

  • A $100 hard drive would hold around the same amount as 60 file cabinet drawers.
  • One $1 CD would hold as much as a $150 file cabinet.


  • Once electronic, the files are pulled just as quickly when searched by any piece of information.


  • Files can be copied and stored offsite. In just a few minutes, years of information can be duplicated to store in an offsite location.

Customer Service

  • Files can be retrieved and viewed instantly on your PC. This allows you to handle the problem immediately, eliminating phone tag and improving your organization's image.